01Oct 2019

Needs More Than a Bandage

Is temporomandibular jaw disorder temporary? Find out why some treatments mask the symptoms and how Legends Dental in Waco, Texas, can help get TMD sufferers out of pain and end painful symptoms for good. Call 254-294-5274 to schedule a consultation now.

01Oct 2019

Is Noise Normal?

Is clicking and popping of the jaw normal? No! These are a sign of temporomandibular joint disorder and other painful jaw conditions. Find out how Legends Dental can help by calling 254-242-0499 for a consultation in Waco, Texas, and surrounding areas.

01Oct 2019

Laughing May Be Dangerous

A Chinese woman experienced dislocation of her jaw after laughing too hard. Find out how jaw dislocation can cause problems with the jaw, including pain and temporomandibular joint disorder. Call Dr. Sean Ensley in Waco, Texas, for treatment of TMD and other painful jaw conditions. 

04Sep 2019

An Ideal Injection?

Many people have turned to Botox to treat their temporomandibular joint disorder, but is it an effective treatment? Call Dr. Sean Endsley in Waco, Texas, to find out how TMD treatments that last.