One of the things we see a lot in our office is a lot of midface development issues which cause a retrusive maxilla. Meaning your upper jaw did not grow to its full size as it should have. So if your face doesn’t properly grow during childhood then our upper jaw is set back further than it should be and in order to close your mouth you have to retrude your lower jaw.

This puts undue stress on the joint and causes all kinds of disorders such as:
-ringing in the ears
-facial pain

Using a growth appliance to fully develop the jaw and face can help correct overbites, underbites and crossbites without invasive and expensive surgical procedures.

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Retrusive Maxilla

Crowded Teeth
Underdeveloped Jaw

Growth Appliance

Grow your jaw to its full size at any age.

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Listen to Dr. Endsley explain the easy to understand application of epigenetic dentistry. It makes so much sense that an underdeveloped skeletal structure is responsible for so many chronic illnesses such as TMJ and sleep apnea, while at the same time affecting your appearance. Now, leading edge dental science can overcome the negative effects the environment has had on a person’s jaw development.

Epigenetic dentistry can change your look positively, improve your airway and eliminate future TMJ problems. At Legends Dental, we bring you this leading-edge science that can change your life in a matter of months.

Learn more about what epigenetic dentistry can do for you by scheduling a consultation today.


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