05Jun 2020

Surprising Symptoms

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJD, can cause some unusual symptoms that aren't even localized in the jaw, including dizziness and vertigo.

18Mar 2020

Is It All In the Head?

Is it all in the head? Turns out, maybe. Researchers at Duke University say there is a reason why the pain of TMD is more intense than pain in other places in the body: connection to emotional centers.

18Mar 2020

Is It or Isn't It?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that can affect all the joints in the body, including the jaw. Find out whether it's RA or temporomandibular joint disorder and what to do if it is TMD. 

19Feb 2020

Cause or Symptom?

Anxiety and stress can be both the cause and a symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder.