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Expert dental care for both the young and young at heart.
JimR Family DentistryTestimonial

It’s always great to see Dr. Endsley, and I’ve been going there for years and recently have begun taking my family there as well. At my last appointment they were able to see me sooner than originally scheduled; I was very grateful because I was experiencing pain. Good service and great people, I recommend them for full family dentistry any chance I get, and really hope I never have to move away and find a new dentist! Jim R.

Robin B Family Dentistry Testimonial

Just had to tell you what a great experience I had at this office. The staff at Dr. Endsley’s office did a great job cleaning my teeth and helping me deal with some left over issues from another dentist, not just in my mouth but some problems with my chart! I would recommend Dr. Endsley to anyone like me with complex dental issues to deal with. I have found a new home for all my dental work. Robin B.

Steven S Family Dentist Testimonial

This dentist and his entire office did a wonderful job for myself, my wife, and our two daughters. They are comforting, warm and welcoming  – we were very impressed from our very first visit. The technician took a lot of time explaining to my more fearful daughter what she was doing at every step, and that made things go more smoothly than any dental visit, ever, anywhere. Great family dentistry care, recommended highly. Steven S.

CR Family Dental Testimonial

Had a broken tooth this time, and Dr. Endsley and his staff were great as always. My tech this time was great, sorry I can’t remember her name but she was the best ever. They are always super friendly and listen, I rated them Excellent because that’s just what they are, an excellent group of professional people. Thank you so much Dr. Endsley and staff, without you guys I’d still be in pain! C.R.

The Waco Family Dentistry Practice You’ll Trust

Choosing a family dentistry practice — particularly when you’re seeking out dentistry for children in Waco — means you’re searching for a family dentist in whom you can place a great deal of trust. For adults that can mean veneers, or maybe dental crowns or dentures — for kids, it’s sometimes trickier.

For a lot of kids dentist visits early in life can set the tone for the path their dental health with take as they grow older — that’s a lot of responsibility, and we take it as seriously as you do.

When your child comes to you with a toothache relief for a parent means more than just tooth pain relief — it means knowing you’re not going to be rushing to the computer typing in ‘dentist near me’ or looking through dentist reviews hoping to get lucky. Don’t wait until the last minute before looking for the right dental practice.

The comfort and peace of mind parents have in the knowledge they’ve already sought out an excellent childrens dentist well before they need one — and that their family dentistry practice also keeps a full-service schedule for unexpected procedures as well, so when that cracked tooth happens, you’re ready.

Whether you’re looking for a family dentist for your child’s first appointment, or just their next, know that Dr. Sean Endsley’s dental offices in Waco have the experience you want for your family — a history of excellence from pediatrics to periodontics you can feel good about.

Help With Gum Pain

Patients who suffer from gum pain as a result of oral surgery in Waco — such as teeth implants — can benefit from the services of a periodontal dentist who understands there’s more to pain management than simply treating symptoms. Gum pain can be a minor annoyance, easily treatable with over-the-counter medications — or it can be one of the first indicators of a more serious dental health problem like gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease. The key to managing dental health issues — like most health issues — is timeliness. The sooner you address small problems, the better your chances of keeping them from getting worse and causing more serious complications down the line. There’s no substitute for a visit to an experienced, professional Waco family dentistry practice for a consultation, and we’re confident you’ll be glad you chose us as your go-to dental team!

Your Best Smile

Our family dentistry practice focuses on both form and function of a patient’s smile — and knowing how the two are linked informs the path we take toward improving our patient’s lives. We’ve found over the years that even fundamentally healthy teeth can benefit from the methods and procedures inherent in modern dentistry — and there’s more to it than just whitening teeth. Restorations benefit patients in two major ways. One is aesthetics – veneers help hide the impacts of tooth extraction, or older, unsightly dental fillings, increasing confident smiles and self-esteem. Restorations also improve overall health, as crowns, partial dentures,  and implants improve a person’s bite, which can improve nutrition as patients return to eating crunchy, fibrous vegetables.

Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Procedure

For a lot of our patients in Waco root canal procedures are the ones that bring the greatest trepidation; if there’s one procedure in family dentistry that’s been at the receiving end of a lot of bad press, this is it. Patients aren’t just concerned with root canal cost (and we do offer remarkably inexpensive dental care), they’re worried about pain — and in many cases, even after being advised by a dentist to have the procedure, they put it off. And put it off. And, like many problems, it doesn’t go away but in fact simply gets worse. Fortunately for our patients who suffer from a little anxiety surrounding visits to the dentist, our comfort enhancing medications offer a way to have procedures like this done without pain, without fear, and in a calm, relaxing environment — with the benefit of medication designed to make the experience the best you’ve had.