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You might be one of the people who gets very anxious on a trip to the dentist. Then, you hear about this incredible thing called “sedation dentistry” where you can sleep through your dental procedures! (Okay, not really sleep, but it’s a relaxed state that helps ease thousands of patients’ anxiety every year.) Then, you wonder: How much does it cost?

We’re going to explain sedation dentistry prices and what you can expect to pay when you’re looking for a more relaxed, completely anxiety-free, experience at the dentist.

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Types of Sedation Dentistry

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Before you start to worry about how much it will cost, consider that there are four (4) types of dental sedation, depending on your level of discomfort and the sedation you need. Each will have slightly different costs associated with it.

  • Local or minimal sedation – you will be awake, but in a relaxed state.
  • Moderate sedation (aka “conscious sedation”) – you will be conscious but in a state of borderline sleep. You may not remember much of the procedure afterward, although you will be able to respond to questions throughout.
  • Deep sedation – you will be barely conscious and able to respond to stimuli, although afterward may not remember anything and will feel like you were asleep.
  • General anesthesia – you will be completely unconscious throughout the entire procedure.

For some dental surgeries or complex procedures, you may prefer to be under general anesthesia, regardless of the cost. However, for dental cleanings, fillings, or simple procedures like a root canal or installation of a crown or dental implants, you may choose one of the lighter levels of sedation.

Factors of the Costs of Sedation Dentistry

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your sedation dental procedures. What type of sedation is used and who administer it tend to have the largest impact on your overall cost, so consider the following information when discussing your dental sedation options with your dentist.

Inhalation sedation

Most commonly, dentists use nitrous oxide gas (or “laughing gas”) to relax patients for common dental procedures. This application can be used on people of all ages, including children, and is the least invasive form of sedation. Most consumers report an average cost between $25-100 for each administration.

Oral sedation

in some cases, it will be most efficient for the patient to swallow a pill or liquid sedative, which may take a bit longer to take effect and the effect will certainly be stronger. The application is best for people in good health who won’t suffer complications from drug combinations. The most common medications used include Valium, Versed, or Halcion, and the average cost is between $150-500, depending on the medication and amount administered.

IV sedation

in cases where someone needs an IV administration of sedatives, the cost can become substantially higher. Depending on the drugs administered and who performs the IV sedation, costs can range from $250-900 for a simple procedure, but $1000 or more for procedures that require general anesthesia.

One of the benefits of IV sedation is that its effects are instant and can be adjusted throughout the procedure. So, if you need more sedation during the procedure, it is most easily administered via IV.

Check for Best Value

One of the ways you know that you’re receiving not only the highest quality and fair priced sedation dentistry, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s someone who is revered in your community. You should check the dentist’s online reviews, standing with the BBB or other service organization and personal recommendations from people you know. That’s the way to not only get the best sedation dentistry prices, but the best value.

Many Reasons for Dental Sedation

While it’s common for people with high dental anxiety to take on the cost of sedation, there are many reasons why people are willing to pay the sedation dentistry prices. If you have a child or adult with special needs, a trip to the dentist can be especially difficult, and dentists would like patients to be as comfortable as possible. If you or a member of your family has a particular sensitive gag reflex or medical condition that affects your ability to swallow, standard dental procedures may simply not be right for you. Don’t let costs prevent you from keeping your family’s teeth happy and healthy, with the aid of sedation dentistry.