If you are missing a tooth or teeth, it’s important to replace the function of the tooth as soon as possible. Several complications can occur when a tooth is missing, so many patients choose a dental bridge as a solution.

When a tooth is missing, other teeth may begin to shift into the gap left by the missing tooth. Exposed gums where the tooth is missing are prone to damage and subsequent infection, as well. And, over the long term, the jawbone below the tooth may begin to be reabsorbed into the body. This is a natural process that occurs when the body senses a part is no longer needed. Over time, when the pressure of a bite doesn’t reach the jawbone below, the bone starts to reabsorb into the body. This causes the sunken jaw look that usually accompanies missing teeth.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge replaces a tooth or teeth, "bridging" the open gap.

When a tooth is lost, it can be damaging to your confidence and to your overall smile. Your other teeth may begin to shift to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. This can cause your entire bite to become misaligned, and over the years you may begin to experience discomfort in your jaw, ears, face and even neck. In addition, a missing tooth can cause premature aging of the face as jawbone loss occurs due to lack of stimulation from the tooth that was once there.

A dental bridge is a tooth-replacement option that is held in place by connecting it to the nearby teeth, hence the term "bridge." How can a dental bridge help you? A bridge can help restore your smile aesthetically, make chewing and talking easier again, help maintain your facial structure and prevent premature aging. A bridge can even help keep your other teeth from shifting, which can potentially throw off your whole bite!


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