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Orthodontics is not just about straight teeth anymore and it’s not just for teens!


Orthodontics is not just about straight teeth anymore and it’s not just for teens!

The earlier we can evaluate children for current or future potential orthodontic care needs, the better. There are actually preventive measures we can take during early childhood that can help prevent many children from ever needing braces in the first place!

It’s a misconception that people often need teeth extracted for orthodontic care. The problem is often an undersized jaw, not a crowded jaw. The teeth are the right size – the jaw just never expanded to its full potential. We can help patients make room in their jaws for their full, healthy smile with no need for extraction.

Traditional orthodontics don’t really take into consideration the TMJ. In our practice, we use Controlled Arch Orthodontics, which actually starts with a modification phase to help balance the needs of the teeth and the entire body, including the joints and airways. We don’t only focus on the cosmetic portion of orthodontic care – we also focus on the health of the entire mouth, face and body. Our treatment plan improves the entire look of the face!

Traditional vs Controlled Arch Braces

Traditional braces are restrictive and can inhibit proper jaw growth. Controlled Arch Orthodontics actually encourage proper growth and expansion of your jaw to move your teeth forward, away from your airway, which helps move your tongue forward and helps you to breathe better.

In past generations, braces were considered a treatment only for teenagers after the adult teeth grew into place. Today, braces for adults are common, not only for cosmetic reasons, but also to treat TMJ disorders. With Controlled Arch Orthodontics treating TMJ disorders and sleep apnea, the focus is becoming more on jaw placement and airway. So, orthodontics is not just about straight teeth anymore. Orthodontics is part of an overall health strategy for improved airway and straight teeth. At Legends Dental, this is how we can approach braces for you and your family. Please take the time to talk to us about the importance of this new approach when the conversation about braces begins in your home.

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Guided Growth for Sleep Apnea

Kylie’s Story

This is Kylie. Her mom, Lana, was concerned about Kylie’s teeth appearance which led Dr. Endsley to suspect sleep apnea. Sure enough Kylie was a sleep walker and talker and frequently not well rested. Learn more about Kylie’s results and how they’ve impacted other areas of her life.

Controlled Arch Orthodontics
Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Jacob’s Story

This is Jacob. He avoided tooth extraction and surgery to correct his jaw thanks to our remodeling appliance treatment. Learn more about his story today.

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Guided Growth and Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Hayle’s Story

This is Hayle. She had previous recommendations to have teeth extracted. Thanks to our guided growth appliance we were able to guide the natural growth of her developing jaw to allow room for all of her teeth and the opening her airway. Her sleep apnea and overall outlook on life has improved. Hear more of her remarkable story here.


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