The way your teeth line up actually tell your brain how to position your jaw and in turn your muscles. When there are issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), a long list of symptoms can signal that you have TMJ disorder (TMJD). The most common symptoms are chronic jaw pain, migraines, ringing in the ears, facial pain, neck pain, numbness, posture problems, hearing problems and dizziness. Many people live with this sort of chronic pain and discomfort because they have not been tested for TMJ disorder.

Aligning the jaws correctly is the key to relieving these symptoms. At Legends Dental, we are able to diagnose and correct TMJ disorder and help our patients out of debilitating pain.

In many cases, people with TMJD go undiagnosed for years. Because the pain is in their neck, jaw or shoulders, these people will typically see a physician first to get pain medication. While that medication may reduce inflammation or block pain, the TMJ disorder becomes a chronic pain because the cause of the problem is not addressed.

Using specific diagnostic technology at Legends Dental, we identify exactly how to realign the jaw using neuromuscular dentistry. This is the least invasive way to realign a jaw, allowing patients to avoid surgery. The results are life changing, as managing chronic pain and migraines no longer dominate their days.

If you suffer from chronic head, neck or shoulder pain or migraine headaches, please contact us today for a diagnostic exam for TMJD.

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TMJ Disorder

Chronic Migraines

Neuromuscular Treatment

Phase 1 of Treatment

Phase 2 of Treatment

Women vs Men with TMD

1.5x More

Number of Americans Affected by TMD

10 Mil

Work Days Lost from TMD

17.8 Mil

Those with prologned Pain or Disability from TDM


Many TMJ issues are related to facial development. Some are the long-term result of orthodontic treatment that caused the jaw to move out of alignment over time. Accidents or trauma can also cause TMJ issues. At Legends Dental, we are prepared to help you out of chronic pain from TMJ disorder, regardless of how it happened.

We are trained in neuromuscular dentistry, which is a non-invasive approach to realigning the jaw to relieve the disorder. This treatment is guided by precision technology designed to define the best placement for your jaw. With this information, we create crowns or appliances to restore the proper placement of the jaw.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of TMJ disorder, please contact us today. You don’t have to live in chronic pain.


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