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Additional fees may apply if patient has an active gum infection needing a different type of cleaning.

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service childrensdentistry

Children's Dentistry

Teaching healthy habits during childhood is extremely important for a life of good oral hygiene and healthy mouths. As soon as teeth begin erupting, you should begin bringing your child to the dentist!

Oral Exams

Thorough dental exams are imperative at least two times a year. It’s not just to find cavities and other oral health issues. These visits can identify serious conditions, helping to save lives and prevent serious damage to your smile.

service routinecleanings

Routine Cleanings

Find out why professional dental cleanings are so important. It’s not just to keep teeth clean. These cleanings also help maintain the health of your gums and give you valuable insights on caring for your oral health.

service sealants


Sealants protect teeth from decay and cavities, especially among school-aged children. In fact, children with sealants help prevent 80 percent of cavities in the back molars, which is where most cavities begin.

service fluoride


Fluoride treatments are a very important part of preventative care to keep teeth protected. They have been used by dentists all over the nation for decades. The treatment is fast, easy, painless and inexpensive!

service lasergumtherapy

Laser Gum Therapy

So, you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease - now what? Laser gum therapy is an innovative approach to regenerate, rebuild and preserve tissue in order to prevent further damage and reverse existing damage.

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