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About Us

Why and how we serve our valuable patients.
Family Dentistry

Our Mission

Dr. Sean Endsley is committed to providing the highest quality dentistry available to our patients through time tested techniques improved by the latest technology. The primary goal of Legends Dental is to treat every patient as our most important patient.

In order to achieve our primary goal, several steps must be taken. First, Dr. Endsley and his staff will fully inform you of your current dental status. Second, you will be informed of available options to improve your dental and overall health. Third, the procedure and cost of the dental treatment you have decided to receive will be discussed and approved by you before any treatment begins. We believe that educating you on conditions, treatment options, procedures, and cost ensures that you will choose the dental treatment that best fits your needs.

Finally, during the treatment we want to assure your comfort.  We offer oral comfort enhancing medications if you have had bad dental experiences in the past or are just anxious about the treatment.  We are thankful to God for the chance to become your dental care professionals and hope you decide to trust us for your dental peace of mind.