Facial Growth and Aesthetics

Facial Growth and Aesthetic

Facial Growth Orthodontics

It’s a misconception that people often need teeth extracted for orthodontic care. The problem is often an undersized jaw, not a crowded jaw.

Epigenetics is a term that refers to any kind of environmental influence that doesn’t allow your genes to fully express themselves. In particular, in dentistry, we look at midface development and how epigenetics negatively affects this area of development during childhood growth. Epigenetics occurs when the environment negatively affect the genetic outcome to a desired gene expression. Basically, your genes don’t get to grow to their full potential because something in your environment has affected the way that you grow. Environmental factors that affect you negatively in your growth could be allergies from food, pets or even just living in an industrialized society. All those factors make us more likely to be mouth breathers rather than the nasal breathers nature intended. When we breathe through our mouths we don’t get midface or facial development as well as we used to when we were nasal breathers.

Epigenetic Dentistry

Facial growth dentistry is leading edge science. We can help you develop your jaw and face to its full genetic potential with this groundbreaking treatment. With an epigenetic approach, we can eliminate future TMJ and sleep apnea problems. Facial growth dentistry is not just for adults. In teens and pre-teens, we can avoid future jaw and airway problems with an epigenetic approach to orthodontics.

CPAP is not the only treatment for sleep apnea. There are also oral appliances that will help your airway remain more open so you can breathe better while sleeping.

Using a growth appliance to fully develop the jaw and face can help correct overbites, underbites and crossbites without invasive and expensive surgical procedures.

Here at Legends Dental we get to the heart of the problem and fix the joint to balance the muscles and bones so you can function properly while maintaining a nice smile.


It’s a misconception that people often need teeth extracted for orthodontic care. The problem is often an undersized jaw, not a crowded jaw.

At our office, our treatment is a little different than traditional methods. We use the latest 3D imaging to check and see if you’ve got any epigenetic imbalances and then correct those issues before focusing on the cosmetic aspect of your smile.

Detailed 3D CBCT imaging allows us to see inside and outside your skull to see your full facial development. This reveals areas where deficient growth has occurred which may be causing pain or airway symptoms. We also work with a group of other doctors including radiologists who help us diagnose any other disorders you may have in the head and neck.

We design a custom-made growth appliance for you. This appliance will stimulate bone growth in the upper jaw through the biological process known as “remodeling.” The stimulation signals the body to grow the upper jaw to its full genetic potential. The lower jaw, grows, too, in response to the upper jaw remodeling, creating more room in the jaw and airway.

Once we have established the right amount of growth, it’s easy to move the teeth forward in order to open your airway, balance your jaw joint and straighten your teeth. This is why we recommend a growth appliance to grow the jaw rather than extracting teeth for braces. With a properly grown jaw, there is room for all the natural parts to fit together the way your genetics intended.

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Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance

Midface Development

Dr. Endsley can explain the easy-to-understand application of epigenetic dentistry. It makes so much sense that an underdeveloped skeletal structure is responsible for so many chronic illnesses, such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) and sleep apnea, while at the same time affecting your appearance. Now, cutting-edge dental science can overcome the negative effects the environment has had on a person’s jaw development. Epigenetic dentistry can change your look positively, improve your airway and eliminate future TMJD problems. At Legends Dental, we bring you technology that can change your life in a matter of months. Learn more about what epigenetic dentistry can do for you by scheduling a consultation today.

Controlled Arch Orthodontics
Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance

Jacob’s Story

Growth appliance gave Jacob a more defined jawline without surgery.


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