24Dec 2019

Affected by TMD

Temporomandibular joint disorder occurs in more women than men, but why? Find out the causes of TMD and how it can affect the jaw by calling Legends Dental in Waco at 254-799-9540 for more information today.

27Nov 2019


A new approach to orthodontics. Learn about how epigenetics can help improve jaw health using DNA. Give Legends Dental in Waco, Texas, a call at 254-799-9540 to schedule a consultation.

27Nov 2019

Take Care Even with TMD

Legends Dental in Waco, Texas, can treat TMD and jaw disorders and help protect oral health with regular checkups. Call 254-799-9540 today for more information.

27Nov 2019

Under the Needle

Brazilian researchers have found a new way to deliver the medication naproxen to treat TMD. Find out how Legends Dental is treating TMD in Waco, Texas, by calling 254-799-9540.