Get Out of the Rat Race

If you’re frequently waking up feeling fatigued or feel like you didn’t sleep at all, are dragging through the day, or are hearing complaints from your partner that you’re snoring all night, you could have the condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a severe health condition that can put you at risk of developing chronic and serious illness and even affect your mood and cognitive ability.

It can also cost you your job, according to research.

A study known as Assessing Daily Activity Patterns through occupational Transitions (ADAPT) states that people living with untreated sleep apnea often experience higher rates of employment.

Those living with untreated sleep apnea were found to get fired more readily than those without sleep apnea or those who were treating their sleep apnea. They were also found to hold lower-paying, hourly-wage positions instead of salaried roles than those living with apnea and treating it or those without sleep apnea.

During the ADAPT study, researchers analyzed information collected from 261 participants. The average age of the group was 41, and 58 percent of participants were women.

Seventy-three percent of the participants were hourly-wage workers, and of this group, almost half had experienced the loss of at least one job.

After an at-home sleep study, ADAPT found that 42 percent of the group had some degree of sleep apnea.

What Is the Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Employment?

Does your boss really know if you’re not getting enough sleep? And, is it their business? If you’re coming in to work overly tired, moody, responding more slowly and making more mistakes, your boss will likely notice. Like we mentioned above, sleep apnea can also cause changes in your cognitive function, which can make problem solving and concentrating.

These situations can make it hard to complete your job, which can make it hard to get a promotion – which can keep you in a lower-paying position.

The Good News

The good news is that there are ways to stop the domino effect of sleep apnea affecting your employment. One of those ways is to call Dr. Sean Endsley in Waco, Texas, to find out if you’re living with undiagnosed sleep apnea.

If you’re diagnosed with the condition, Dr. Endsley can help treat you and get you the restful sleep you need. Your life – and your job – may depend on it.

Give Dr. Sean Endsley a call at 254-799-9540 in Waco, Texas, today to learn more about sleep apnea.