Subconscious Stress

Do you grind your teeth? If you answered no, there might be a chance you actually do and you’re just not aware of it. Statistics from the National Sleep Foundation show that about 8 percent of adults grind their teeth while they sleep.

Known as bruxism, teeth grinding can present significant problems over time. Side effects of teeth grinding include jaw pain, wear and tear on the teeth, and jaw problems. Grinding your teeth at night can also cause headaches and ear pain. It may also physiologically change your appearance and make your face appear wider – weird, right?

Other effects include facial pain, a sore jaw and sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Many people who grind their teeth also suffer from cracks and fractures, and over time, the teeth become worn down.

Causes of bruxism include an unbalanced bite, poor posture and stress. But in most cases, the culprit is related to bite problems. Stress is also a major cause of teeth grinding, especially for women.

Another contributor to grinding your teeth is the use of antidepressants and genetics. Chronic sinus congestion can also contribute to tooth grinding – a natural reflex is to clench the jaw to try to clear the airway.

If you are struggling with grinding your teeth, or think that you are grinding your teeth at night, you should call Legends Dental for a consultation.

There are several treatment options available, such as splints and mouth guards. These devices are designed to keep the teeth apart to prevent damage caused by grinding.

Other options include dental correction to help correct problems with your bite. This may consist of orthodontics, oral appliances and dental crowns.

You can also reduce the chance of grinding your teeth by reducing stress. Some ways to stress and manage anxiety include meditation, yoga and exercise.

Other ways to help reduce the risk of grinding your teeth is by modifying your behaviors by improving your posture and focusing on nasal breathing versus breathing through your mouth.

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